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This section is dedicated to Gunners serving and retired who have passed away.  If you are aware of a member of the Artillery community passing away please inform the webmaster for inclusion in the Last Post.

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Dated:  22 June 2015

PORTER, Liam, Maj (Ret’d) – 11 June 2015
ROSENBERG, Linda (Husband WO (Ret’d) C. Rosenberg) – 6 June 2015
DOUGLAS, Robert A., Capt (Ret’d) (Mr Gnr) – 1 June 2015
SHAPIRO, Benjamin, Col (Ret’d) – 1 June 2015
ROSS, Doug, MWO (Ret’d) – passed away 1 June 2015 at Sardis BC.
SMYTH, Robert Dunlop – 29 May 2015
O’BRIEN, Terence Crosby, Capt (Ret’d) – 22 May 2015
BELL, Anna Noreen (husband deceased John Bell) – 19 May 2015
McCULLOCH, Annie Belle (husband deceased CWO D. McCulloch) – 17 May 2015
BALDARO, Gwendolyn Carol (husband deceased Capt P. Baldaro) – 17 May 2015
POOLE, Bob (Gonzo) – 16 May 2015
GOWIN, Vernon A., Capt (Ret’d) – 15 May 2015
TULK, Margaret (husband deceased Sgt J. Tulk) – 14 May 2015
LUND, Robert Lee, Sgt (Ret’d) – 12 May 2015
MAILMAN, Roger – 11 May 2015
NILES, Darryl – 9 May 2015
FITZGERALD, Patrick, Capt (Ret’d) WWII veteran passed away 8 May 2015 in Sault Ste Marie, ON
LABROSSE, Claude – passed away May 2015 in Montreal, QC
AALTO, Dave – May 2015
QUEVILLON, John – May 2015
BECK, Arthur R., Gnr (Ret’d) – May 2015
MOFFATT, Jim (Gunner WWII, 13 Fd Regt) – May 2015
LEWIS, James Russell – 6 May 2015
MARSTON, Harold Artillery Officer (Ret’d) – passed away 3 May 2015
VIDITO, Patricia Phyllis (husband Earle Vidito) – 28 April 2015
BURKE, William Richard – 27 April 2015
BOSELEY, Joseph – 27 April 2015
ELLIS, Herb, Gnr (WWII), passed away 18 Apr 2015. Herb served in the 6th Cdn Fd Regt, RCA
WOOD, Barry – 17 April 2015
DELAQUIS, Bertrand – April 2015
COUTURE, Alain, LCol (Ret’d), passed away 15 April 2015 at age 63 in Ottawa, ON
PATEY, Lawrence Leonard – 9 April 2015
ALMOND, Paul – 9 April 2015
BIRD, Stephen Borden, Maj (Ret’d) – 6 April 2015
GOGO, John Albert, Sgt (Ret’d) – 4 April 2015
MULLIN, Maurice – 23 March 2015
BÉGIN, Paul, MWO (Ret’d) – 19 March 2015
BROUSSEAU, Peter – 15 March 2015
MCINTOSH, Robert Gavin Shier, Capt (Ret’d) – 14 March 2015
DUBUC, Roger, MWO (Ret’d) – 12 March 2015
WAGAR, Dwayne (father of CWO Chad Wagar) – 11 March 2015
 BUSKELL, Jim, MWO (Ret’d) – 10 March 2014
ROSS, Thomas Peter, Maj (Ret’d) – 4 March 2015
BUTTS, H.T. (Jim) – 27 February 2015
HAMILTON, Barry Andrew, LCol (Ret’d) – 24 February 2015
SIMONS, Edward Alexander– 20 February 2015
HOLT, Ronald, Capt (Ret’d) – 18 February 2015
CLARK, Gerald – 18 February 2015
RHODES-HOMAN, Rhonda – 14 February 2015
BAKER, Ross Edgar, WWII veteran, – 9 February 2015
HUCK, Adam Joseph – 8 February 2015
SMITH, Alexander Gordon (son of Harky Smith) – 8 February 2015
 KILMARTIN, David, Maj (Ret’d) – 7 February 2015
WADE, Ivan Alonzo, Sgt (Ret’d) – 7 February 2015
SADLER, Murray –1 February 2015
CHUPICK, Michael Lawrence, Cdr (Ret’d) (father of LCol (Ret’d) Chupick) – 26 January 2015
DEURBROUCK, Ovide Louis Richard, Sgt (Ret’d) – 23 January 2015
WHYNOT, Stanley R., WO (Ret’d) – 28 January 2015
GUY, John Vincent Sonny – 16 January 2015
ERWIN, Peter Michael, Maj (Ret’d) – 14 January 2015
TAYLOR, Norman W. – 13 January 2015
HALL, Ernest Joseph, CWO (Ret’d) – 12 January 2015
CHIRGWIN, Andy (Gunner Apprentice) – 12 January 2015
KLOCKARS, William, Sgt (Ret’d) – 9 January 2015
SUESS, Wolfe – 8 January 2015
LOCKRIDGE, Corey – 2 January 2015
STICKLEY, H.P., Maj (Ret’d) – 2 Jan 2015
GERO, Grace Alien – 31 December 2014
SINGER, Lawrence Nelson – 30 December 2014
WAIGH, R. Ashley – 30 December 2014
GLEASON-BEARD, Nigel, Maj (Ret’d) – 25 December 2014
BAUMGARTEN, Lloyd Louis, LCol (Ret’d) – 18 December 2014
PRINGLE, Stanley Leroy – 15 December 2014
LYNCH-STAUNTON, Alfred, HCol (Ret’d) – 14 December 2014
KEATING, Aloysius Jerome – 14 December 2014
NICHOLSON, Hector – 10 December 2014
WHALEN, Joseph Eric – 25 November 2014
YOUNG, Gerald “Jerry” – 23 November 2014
SAUL, Arthur – 14 November 2014
RIOUX, Clermont – 11 November 2014
SAURETTE, Joseph Noel, Sgt (Ret’d) – 10 November 2014
BROWN, Harold Edward, Brig (Ret’d) – 15 October 2014
STOTHERS, David, LCol (Ret’d) – 12 October 2014
CLUFF, Clarence, Sgt (Ret’d) – 11 October 2014
HEALE, Arthur “Rex”, SSgt (Ret’d) – 6 October 2014
STERLING, John James Symes – 1 October 2014
REICHLE, Colin, W., LCol (Ret’d) – 28 September 2014
MOSEY A., MWO (Ret’d) – 26 September 2014
HICKFORD, Ken – 25 September 2014
HAMMOND, Garry Foster, Maj (Ret’d) – 20 September 2014
McDONALD, Richard, HCol (Ret’d) – 16 September 2014
COE, Wilfred – 13 September 2014
FRANCIS, Graham Richard – 11 September 2014
MOSLEY, George Louis, Capt (Ret’d) – 8 September 2014
CLAYTON, Charles Clinton – September 2014
BULGER, Victor John, WO2 (Ret’d) WWII veteran – 1 September 2014, “Once a Gunner, Always a Gunner, Ubique”
CARON, M. J., Bdr – 18 August 2014
MARCUM, Rick – 11 August 2014
CAMPBELL, Stan, Capt (Ret’d) – August 2014
FAULKNER, William Patrick – August 2014
DANSKIN, John Chadwick, Maj (Ret’d) U.K. IG – 3 August 2014
COADY, Robert Dennis – 29 July 2014
BRIDGER, James – 24 July 2014
BAUMGART, Layton C., LCol (Ret’d) – 20 July 2014
SINCLAIR, Russ, Sgt (Ret’d) – 17 July 2014
SKERRY, John Joseph – 28 June 2014
SIM, Howard Clark – 28 June 2014
CROOME, Morris, Gnr (Ret’d) – 19 June 2014
FEVENS, Chester Robert – 17 June 2014
PETERS, Charles – 14 June 2014
DETTRICH, Harry Earl, WO (Ret’d) – 8 June 2014
DOTY, Carl, HLCol (1 Fd Regt) – 8 June 2014
HENDERSON, Mike, Maj (Ret’d) – 7 June 2014
WILSON, Dick – 26 May 2014
POTTIE, Edward Martin, MWO (Ret’d) – 24 May 2014
BENNETT, David, Col (Ret’d) – 23 May 2014
SPURRELL, Roy Edward, WO (Ret’d) – 22 May 2014
BOBBITT, Daniel, LCol (CO 2 RCHA) – 21 May 2014
ROACH, Thomas Anthony – 17 May 2014
MEINERT, Lydia (mother of WO Meinert, 30 Fd Regt) – 16 May 2014
BARKER, James Rollins – 10 May 2014
STEEL, James, Sgt (Ret’d) – 4 May 2014
BAKER, Clifford R., LCol (Ret’d) – 27 April 2014
BONNAR, Reg – 19 April 2014
BOWER, Gordon Hugh – 17 April 2014
HOFFMAN, James, LCol (Ret’d) – 10 April 2014
SCHWEER, Carl – 9 April 2014
AMES, Willard George, HCol (Ret’d) – 9 April 2014
DOREY, Austin Cecil – 3 April 2014
FITZPATRICK, Ron M. LCol (Ret’d) passed away Tuesday, 1 Apr 2014, in Ottawa from complications related to an abdominal aneurism he suffered two months ago. He was 72. Ron commanded 30 Field Regiment, RCA from 7 May ’92 to 25 Sept ’95. His wife Rosemarie, his son Paul and daughter-in-law, Nikki have invited all who knew Ron to join them at 1300 hrs on Sat 5 Apr at the Divine Infant Catholic Church, 6658 Bilberry Drive, Orleans, Ontario K1C 2S9.
OWENS, Gerald Daniel Joseph – 28 March 2014
WARD, John Oswald, Col (Ret’d) – 22 March 2014
BENTLEY, W. Donald, Maj (Ret’d) – 17 March 2014
WILLIAMS, Roy – March 2014
MACKINNON, Bob – March 2014
DOUCET, B. Ronald, CD WWII Army Veteran, RCA Ron passed away on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 at the Ridgewood Veterans Wing in his 94th year. Ron began his military career enlisting in the Army in 1939 until 1945 during which time he served overseas for 2 ½ years in UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. He continued with the reserves rising to the rank of Lt. Col. Commanding Officer of 31st Service Battalion (Saint John). Ron was a long-time member of St. Pius X Parish and a life time Member of Legion Branch # 14 & # 64. He also served on the Board of Governors of the Corp. of Commissionaires, the Last Post Fund and volunteered with many organizations.
JEFFRAY, Stewart, WO II (Ret’d) – 8 February 2014
BEATTIE, Brigadier General (Ret’d) Clayton Ernest, CMM, C StJ, CD of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, Commander of the Canadian Peacekeeping Contingent and Hero of the Civil War in Cyprus in 1974, passed away on February 3, 2014 at the age of 86 after a valiant battle with Parkinson’s disease.
EDGAR, Douglas Franklin Sgt (WWII, Ret’d) passed on 11 January 2014, in Arnprior ON at 90 years old. Douglas served in the 4th Fd Regt, RCA, 2nd Bty.
UKRAINETZ, Paul Sgt (Ret’d) passed away on 10 January 2014, in Insinger, SK. Paul served with various Regiments during his years of service, He served both at the School and was one of the first members of the SSM Battery, Paul served in Germany 1960-63. He was a stalwart member of the Artillery and often reminisced of his time during the Korean conflict.  Ubique.
PERRIN, Harold Lawrence (Ret’d) passed away on Tuesday, 07 January, 2014, in Oromocto, NB. Harold was a Korean Vet and served in 1 RCHA, retiring with 35yrs service, I’m sure he served in other regiments as well.
BOULET, Alexander Benjamin Gnr (WWII, Ret’d) passed on 02 January, 2014 in Sarina, ON at the age of 89. Alexander Boulet served with the 15th Field Regiment, 4th Armoured Division of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery during WWII. He was a proud member of The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 05-062.
VEUGER, Peter, LCol (Ret’d) – January 2014.
STEED, Carl Mark – 31 December 2013.
HYNES, David Joseph – 31 December 2013.
LUCAS, David, WO (Ret’d) – 28 December 2013.
MATHESON, John Ross (Honourable), Col (Ret’d) – 27 December 2013, 1917-2013 – The Honourable John Ross Matheson of Kingston ON; formerly of Gananoque, Rideau Ferry, Ottawa, Brockville, Barrie, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, and Quebec City. John was born in Arundel and raised in Quebec City. He attended Queen’s University, graduating in 1940 with a B.A. Honours in Economics. He served in World War II with the First Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, 1st Canadian Infantry Division. As a Forward Observation Officer, he was wounded near Ortona, Italy in 1943. He convalesced at the Veterans Hospital in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, where he met Edith Bickley. They married in 1945, after which John studied Law at Osgoode Hall, graduating in 1948. He later earned degrees from Mount Allison University (Master of Arts), and the University of Western Ontario (Master of Laws). John was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1967. He also received Honorary Doctorates from Queen’s University and the Royal Military College in Kingston. In 1948 John and Edith settled in Brockville, where he was a founding member of the firm Matheson, Henderson and Hart. John was elected Federal Member of Parliament for Leeds in a 1961 by-election. He was re-elected in 1962, 1963, and 1965 and served as Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Pearson. In 1968, he returned to the practice of law and was appointed Judge for the Judicial District of Ottawa-Carleton. In 1979 he moved to the County Court of Lanark, Perth Ontario. In 1985 he was appointed a Judge of the District Court of Ontario and served on the Ontario Court of Justice (General Division) from 1990 to 1992. During his political career, John was a leading member of the parliamentary committee which successfully shepherded the adoption of the Canadian (Maple Leaf) flag by parliament in 1965. Years later, his masters thesis was published under the title “Canada’s Flag: A Search for a Country”. He also provided the concept and the background research that led to the design of the Order of Canada in 1967. Heraldry was another of John’s passionate pursuits. He was a driving force in the foundation of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. Proud of his military associations, he held honorary militia appointments of LCol and then Col with the 30th Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery from 1972 to 1982.
BYRNS, Dany, passed away on 26 December 2013, in Laval, QC at 47 years old.
DOYON, Jean-Guy, passed away on 25 December 2013 in Lévis, QC at the age of 55 years.
REPPINGTON, Charles, Sgt (Ret’d) – 24 December 2013.
THOMAS, Charlie Walter, passed away on 24 December 2013 in Hope, BC at 86 years old.
SEARL, Bill, WO (Ret’d) – 25 December 2013 Bill passed away peacefully on December 25th, 2013 at the age of 75. Bill served in the Canadian Armed Forces graduating through Apprentice Battery, Shilo in 1954, retiring in 1989 from the RCHA. Bill was a life member of the Royal Canadian Legion and served as an executive member for many years.
BAILEY, James, WWII veteran, passed away 19 December 2013
LAWSON, Edward Thirlwell – 15 December 2013.
LEBLANC, Joseph Emile – Passed away on 15 December 2013, in Brandon, MB, at 76 years old. Many will remember Joe for his time in L Bty 4 RCHA CFB Petawawa, and his time at CFB Shilo and in the SSM Bty in Germany.
CAMPBELL, Harvey Garfield (Soup) – 10 December 2013, at 76 years old in Lethbridge, AB. Harvey served the guns from 1954 to 1981.
BLANCHET, Richard, MBdr (Ret’d) – 3 December 2013.
LELIÈVRE, Sylvain, MCpl – 2 December 2013
KUIPERS, George Sjouke – December 2013.
RENNER, Robert George – December 2013.
CORBETT, Dwight, MWO (Ret’d), passed away on 29 November 2013, in Orleans, ON at the age of 67.
SAWICKI, John, Maj (Ret’d) – passed away on 22 November 2013, in Veron BC. John Sawicki was an outstanding and extremely talented Gunner, who came from a Gunner family, since his father served the Guns as well. John received his initial Gunner training through the Apprentice Battery organization at CFB Shilo. Throughout his career John served in both the air defence and field occupations with conspicuous excellence, leading ultimately to his commissioning from the ranks. To emphasize the extraordinary Gunner skills and knowledge of John Sawicki it can be said that he was one of only a few of those commissioned from the ranks who achieved the rank of Major. John retired from CFB Shilo to the Brandon area and became a font of knowledge and activities on the social side of his retirement era. One could not attend a Gunner Reunion in Shilo without making contact with John, given his exuberant personality and the scope of friends he had developed over his Gunner career.
ST-DENIS, Robert, MBdr (Ret’d) – passed away suddenly on 5 November, 2013 at the age of 56 years old. Bob served with X and RHQ in 5 RALC and W Bty at the Arty School and also in 2 Fd Regt, RCA.
FINLEY, William, Gnr (WWII, Ret’d) passed away on Saturday 02 November, 2013, in Simcoe, ON at the age of 88 years old. Gnr Finley swerved with 94 Bty, 7 Med Regt RCA in England, and through France, the Netherlands and Germany. Joining at the age of sixteen, Gnr Finley was selected to escort King George VI, his wife Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey to celebrate Dominion Day on 1 July 1942. TOSH, Tom – 22 October 2013.
MELANSON, Bruce – 15 October 2013
DURUPT, Herbert JM, Bdr (Ret’d) passed away on Saturday 12 October 2013 in White Rock, BC.
IRVINE, Robert William, Col (Ret’d) – passed away on 24 September 2013, in Ottawa at the age of 81 years old.
LAFOND, Roger – passed away on 18 September 2013, in Parrsboro, ON at 82 years old.
CALLARD, Reginald Morrow, Maj (Ret’d) – passed away on 16 September 2013, in Ottawa. Reg served in AA in Victoria, then in the RCHA in Winnipeg and Shilo and then qualified as a TSO at RMCS at Shrivenham and spent the rest of his career in that field.
GILLIS, “Hughie” LCol (Ret’d) died peacefully on September 12th 2013 in Antogonish NB. Hugh volunteered for military service in 1941 with the RCA and served in Italy and N.W. Europe. During the Korean war he commanded D Battery 2RCHA and subsequently served as a Lt. Col. with the Canadian Militia in Ontario. Following his military service he became an educator with a varied career as professor of Political Science at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Marymount College, Tarrytown, N.Y. and St. Mary’s University, Halifax. He was the author of three books and many articles dealing mostly with political history.
MAY, Bob (“Jed”) Gunner (Ret’d), passed away on August 23, 2013 in Badger Nfld at 65 years old. Jed was a proud Airborne Gunner.
KINGSTON, Bob, Col (Ret’d) passed away on August 14th, 2013 in Niagara Falls, ON. Colonel Kingston commanded 2 RCHA in Germany from 1953 – 1957 and later was the Deputy Commandant of Canadian Forces Staff College, Toronto.
Bourgoin, OCdt Joshua passed away on Sunday 07 July 2013, he was 32 years old.  Joshua was a Bombardier with 4th Air Defence Regiment from December 2007 until July 2012 when he was accepted for the UTPNCM program and transferred to 3 ASG’s BTL to attend school at the University of New Brunswick.  At the time of his passing, he was a student on the BMOQ Course in St Jean.
Johnson, WO Andrew (Andy). Andy passed away Sunday 07 July 2013 after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 51. WO Andy Johnson joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1982.  He was posted to 1 RCHA in West-Germany from 1982 to 1991, to the RCAS 1991-2000, back to 1 RCHA in Shilo MB from 2000 to 2005 and subsequently returned to the RCAS in 2005.  Andy’s last position at the Arty School was Ops WO, a position he held until last May, and leaves us after more than 31 years of loyal service to the Royal Regiment. End of Mission, Stand Easy.
Kierstead, Clair (Clyde) Wayne Sgt (Ret’d) passed away unexpected Tuesday, 02 July 2013 in Fredericton NB at 57 years old. Clyde was a 21 year Veteran of The Canadian Armed Forces, proudly serving with the Royal Canadian Artillery in 1 RCHA and RCAS until February 2001 when upon retirement he chose long-haul trucking as a second career. He was also employed as an instructor with Valcom and Calian until health issues prevented him from working full time. Gowanlock, Jeffrey Wayne, CWO (Ret’d) passed away Wednesday 19 June 2013 in his 58th year. Jeff was a long time member of the 69th Field Battery and past RSM of 56th Field Regiment R.C.A. and a long time employee of Borg Warner Canada.
Casey, Barney passed away at home on Saturday, 08 June 2013, at the age of 79. Barney was a gunner with the Regt in Germany back in the late 50′s and 60′s. The funeral will be held in Mississauga on Thursday 13 June 2013.
Howitt,  Gerry, Major (Ret’d) passed away on Thursday, 06 June 2013, near Guelph Ontario at the age of 92 years.  He was from a well known Guelph family, serving in 1RCHA, 2 RCHA and the RCSA from 1950 to 1970.
Medland, Stanley Lloyd (Lt, 3rd Anti-Tank), passed on 5 June 2013 in Toronto ON at the age of 92. Lt. Stanley Lloyd Medland, late of the 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment passed away on the occasion of his 65th wedding anniversary to his wife Doreen. Stan served with 3rd A/T during the war and landed on D-Day with many other valiant Gunners who bore the brunt of what would be a very demanding action for his Regiment. Ubique
Talavera, Luis Bdr, passed away on 2 June 2013 in St John NB, age 28. Luis was a member of 4th AD Regt, RCA serving aboard ship on Operation ARTEMIS when he became gravely ill. End of Mission, Stand Easy.
Davidson, Donald (Tank) William, passed away peacefully on 2 June 2013, at the Oromocto Public Hospital at the age of 73years. Tank, as he was known to his family and friends, loved sports, in his younger years he played softball, hockey, curled and even golfed a little. But he really loved being an umpire for softball and did that for many years. Tank served his country for 35 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Artillery and retired with the rank of Bombardier. He worked for several years as a commissionaire after his retirement from the service.
Davidson, Charles D. passed away on 01 June 2013, In Woodstock NB, at the age of 66years. Charlie served in 1 RCHA.
Boldt, Ted Major (Ret’d), passed away on 11 May 2013 at the age of 90 years. On conclusion of the war years he was amongst the first of many Gunner officers to be appointed Technical Staff Officers (TSOs). As such, for the vast amount his time serving the Guns, he was stationed at NDHQ Ottawa during which, on trips across the country to Shilo, Esquimalt, Gagetown and other such exotic Gunner establishments, he was involved in the trials, evaluation and purchase of a myriad of Artillery and other equipment’s.
Bauer, Ed Colonel (Ret’d) passed away on 10 May, 2013 in Calgary, AB at 83 years old. He commenced his military service with the Militia in March of 1947 as a Gunner in the 12th Field Regiment, RCA. In 1950, he enlisted in Canada’s United Nations Special Force and served in Korea with the 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. On his return to Canada, Ed received his commission with the 12th Field Regiment, RCA. In 1959 he transferred to the 3 Field Artillery Regiment, RCA (the Loyal Company) holding various positions until his appointment as Senior Officer-Operations and Training in the Headquarters of Western New Brunswick Militia District. In May 1971, on his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, he was appointed Commanding Officer of the 3 Field Artillery Regiment, RCA. In March of 1978 Ed completed the Basic Parachute Training Course at the CF Airborne Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1979, after serving as Deputy Commander of the District, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and appointed Commander Western New Brunswick Militia District. Colonel Bauer held this position until 1984 when he transferred to the Supplementary List, having served for 32 years. Colonel Bauer was National President of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association (1985-86), President of the Army Cadet League of New Brunswick, Governor-Army Cadet League of Canada, Officer Commanding the Byng Boys, Hon Aide de Camp to the Governor General of Canada, escort to the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, Executive- The Council of Defence Associations, a member of New Brunswick Veterans organization and past member of several shooting fraternities in the province. Colonel Bauer received the following decorations: Korean Star; Volunteer Medal; United Nations Medal; Jubilee Medal; Canada 125 Anniversary Medal; and Canadian Forces Decoration (2 bars).
Prokop, John passed away 10 May 2013, in Truro, NS at 80 years. Born in a small farming community in Marlin, SK, he was the son of the late William and Anastasia Prokop. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Artillery in January 1953 and he served his country for 31 years. On retirement, he and Evelyn settled in Truro. He enjoyed camping, fishing, bowling, and wood working. He also enjoyed playing music and his guitar. He was a member of the Downeast Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association, and the Atlantic Gunners Association. His big enjoyment was spending the summers at Harbour Light Campground in Pictou with his family and friends.
Tremblay, William (Bill) Andrew, passed away suddenly on Sunday, 5 May 2013 in Winnipeg MB. Bill was born in Winnipeg on October 15, 1947. Bill joined the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in 1964 and served for ten years and worked at various jobs during his years until his passing He was an Apprentice Soldier with the 1964 intake. Bill loved most sports especially golf, hockey and his favourite, horse racing.
Holmes, Lawrence (Laurie) . was interred on 27 April 2013 in Surrey, BC. He served in Shilo in the GMT Wing, RSS in the Calgary area 4RCHA, and a long shift in Camp Borden in the Cold war Bunker until retirement. Then settling in Vancouver with his family. Farewell to a proud GUNNER UBIQUE. Caughell, Glenn – (Veteran WW11) passed away on Saturday, 23 April 2011 in his 94th year. Glenn served with distinction as a Sgt with the 19th Field Regt. (SP) RCA from 1942 to 1946, landing on Juno Beach at 9:30 a.m. on D-Day. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 142 Dunnville, ON. End of Mission, Stand Easy.
Neale, A.R. (Ross) CWO (Ret’d), CD passed away on 21 Apr 2013 in Brandon MB. Ross was Curator Emeritus and former RSM of 26 Field regiment RCA.
Andrews, Robert (Bob) William, Sgt (Ret’d). passed away peacefully on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 in Brandon Mb.  Bob served with the 3rd Regiment RCHA, and was born in Ashmore, NS on August 20, 1937.
Jubinville, Alain sgt (Ret’d) passed away on 2 April 2013 in Mascouche, QC at 56 years old.
Fall, Gordon Sterling passed away on 30 March 2013, in Moncton NB at 87 years. After his time served with the Armed Forces Gordon remained a member of the Korean War Veterans. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #6 and a member of the Air Force Veterans Club. He enjoyed his time with the Moncton Curling Association where he was the ice maker, and at Campers City in Moncton where worked as grounds keeper. “the proudest gunner I have ever known”
Badgley, Daniel David, passed away on 27 March 2013 at the Pembroke Regional Hospital. Dan a Gunner from 4 RCHA retired from 2 RCHA and I believe he was a long time Sgt-At-Arms in Br 517 Petawawa.
McCall, Fred Major (Ret’d), OMM, CD passed away on Tuesday, 26 March 2013 at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary, AB. Fred made many contributions to the communities he lived in by sitting on boards and committees including the Victorian Order of Nurses (Smiths Falls Branch). He served in the Canadian Forces, first as a cadet, then in the RCA (1RCHA) as a gunner until his retirement in 1976. He was a veteran of the Korean War. Fred was an expert in air defence. He was honoured by the Governor General of Canada in 1976 with an Order of Military Merit.
Johnson, David Havlock, WO (Ret’d), CD passed away peacefully at home in Matlock on 22 March 2013. Dave proudly served in the military (RCHA) retiring after 26 years as a Warrant Officer. He followed his military career as a life underwriter, building manager, security officer and, most recently, a Municipal Councillor.
Marcotte, Alexander Ross, passed away tragically at home on 18 March 2013, in Brandon MB at 18 years. Alex was a proud member of the 56th Field Artillery Regiment with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve.
Henry, Angus Sgt (Ret’d), passed away on 17 March 2013 in New Waterford NS. Angus spent lots of time with 4 AD Regt, Battle School (Shilo) and RCAS.
Lavoie,  Leo W. passed away Friday 15 March 2013. Leo served with the 79th Regt, RCA in Germany in the early 1950’s.
MacDiarmid, Roger (Spike) Capt (Ret’d), passed away on Wednesday, 13 March, 2013 in Fredericton NB. Spike chose the military as a career when he was only 17 and like his father who served in World War II, joined the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. He was proud to be “a gunner” and equally proud to wear the maroon beret of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. He served as a peacekeeper in Cyprus during the war there in 1974, and was later fortunate to serve as Battery Sergeant Major of E Battery Para and as Regimental Sergeant Major of 2 RCHA in Petawawa which was part of the highly-trained Canadian Special Service Force. During this time he also had the honor of being awarded the Military Medal of Merit by the Governor General of Canada. Another highlight of Roger’s career was being chosen to serve for three years as Corps RSM of the Artillery for Canada. He was then commissioned to Captain and served as the Housing Officer at Base Gagetown where he later retired after 38 years of service. Following retirement from the military, Roger worked for five years with the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires in Fredericton, NB.
Gallant, Joseph Marc (“Judo Joe”), passed away on Thursday 28 February, 2013, in Stratford, aged 72 years. You may remember fondly the little guy we nick named “Judo Joe”, he was in 2RCHA 64-67 in Germany. Joe was at the last years AGA reunion in Gagetown.
Perry, Alphonse Joseph, passed away on 18 February, 2013 at Fredericton, NB. Alphonse proudly served in World War II. Volunteering for service, he was a member of the 1st Canadian Division as an infantryman and with the artillery. He was a member of The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #04 -Fredericton.
Rouse, Douglas Avery Goodwin passed away on 15 February, 2013 at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, Fredericton NB at the age of 92. In WWII he served as an artillery captain with the 2nd Field Regiment of the Canadian First Division and saw action in North Africa, Italy and Western Europe. Following the Battle of Ortona in Italy, Doug returned to England, where he was trained to be an artillery air observation pilot and flew in that capacity for the balance of the war. Following the war, he returned to Canada where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at U.N.B. and his Bachelor of Laws degree at Dalhousie University, graduating in 1951. Doug practiced law in Fredericton where he was a partner with the firm of Hanson, Rouse and Gilbert. In 1960, he joined the provincial government with the Department of Justice and became the Deputy Minister of Justice, overseeing the creation of the legislative framework for Premier Robichaud’s Equal Opportunity Program. In 1970, Doug joined the faculty of U.N.B. Law School where he was the civil procedures professor for many years. In the early 1980′s, he co chaired the committee that prepared the modern rules of court for New Brunswick. Following his retirement as a professor in 1985, he became counsel for the law firm Mockler, Allen and Dixon.
Pineault, André MWO (Ret), Batterie Q. passed away on 3o January, 2013 at the age of 77.
Lepage, René Bdr (ret’d), passed away 21 January 2013, in St-Émile, Québec. René served with 5 RALC and was active in their Association.
Weagle, Albert Ellsworth, passed away on 11 January, 2013 at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, Fredericton, at the age of 77. A lot of you will remember Al from Germany one of his enterprises after he retired was to run a Gastoff on the high road in Lahr I’m not sure but I think it was called the Canadian or words to that effect. Quite popular with the Air Defence as Al was himself Air Defence.
Bale, Ernest (Vet WWII) passed away on Monday 28 Jan at the age of 90 in Fisher Branch, Manitoba. He belonged to the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. He enlisted in the Artillery on 18 Jan 1943. He was stationed at Victoria, Port Alberni, Prince George, Nanaimo, Comox, also Aleutian Islands and the North Pacific Area. He was in these places from Jun – Dec 1944. On Jan 14, 1945 he was posted overseas. He went to the Alberta Reconnaissance Battalion in the United Kingdom, and on July 20, 1945 he left for North West Europe where he joined the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders. On Sep 30, 1945, he returned to the UK and arrived in Canada on Oct 3, 1945. He then had 14 days leave. On Oct 17, 1945, he reported back to Winnipeg and was sent to MacDonald Air Base where he joined the Engineers and drove trucks., mostly hauling the soldiers to Portage la Prairie at night. He received his discharge under routine order 1029 5.c.i. by reason of “To return to civil life — on Demobilization” on the 13th day of August 1946.
Dufresne, Gérard F., Col (Ret’d) passed away on 27 January 2013, at CSSS de l`Énergie-Résidence St-Maurice, aged 94 . He served as the Honorary Colonel at 62e RAC and was also an Honorary in the RCAA. He was a veteran who served 45 years in the Army.
Helman, William Barry Major (Ret’d) CD, passed away on January 27, 2013 at the Ottawa Hospital (Civic) after a lengthy illness. During his military career, he served as a UN Peacekeeper in Korea, Cyprus and Gaza. Barry was a dedicated volunteer on behalf of veterans and for six years held the position of President, Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping (CAVUNP).
Young, Harold, CWO (Ret’d) CD, passed away in his sleep on Wed, 16 Jan 2013 in Ottawa. Harold spent time in 1RCHA, he was in A Bty in 1961, and he was the trumpet instructor in the Regimental Band as well.
Smith, Miles Thomas Walter passed away on 12 January 2013, in Calgary AB. Miles a.k.a. “The Groover”, served in 1 AB Bty (A Troop).
Adams, Ron (Crash) passed away on 05 January 2013 in Edmonton. Ron Adams served in L Bty, 4 RCHA 66-69. A fine pilot and Gunner he was.


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