General Sir Arthur Currie, Canadian Corps Commander, unveiling the Memorial erected by Canadian Artillery in memory of Artillerymen who fell during the taking of Vimy Ridge. February, 1918.


Vimy Arty memorial11_lg

1.6 Millions shells, 848 Guns, 45,760 Canadian and Commonwealth Gunners

Photo from Library Archives Canada

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Ubique !

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

  _RCA Color SmThe Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery (RCA) has been part of the fabric of Canadian history since the earliest days of our nation. Since Confederation, the Gunners of Canada have served bravely in all of our national conflicts and have played a full role in establishing the fine reputation for peacekeeping that Canada holds today. Over 130,000 Canadians served as Gunners in the two World Wars alone. The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery has two mottos: “Ubique” (Everywhere) and “Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt” (Whither Right and Glory Lead). The first motto “Ubique” takes the place of all battle honours in recognition of the artillery’s service in all battles and campaigns. Many of the units and batteries of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery are older than Canada itself, and the history of artillery in Canada is older yet. The first company of artillery to be formed in Canada was organized in Quebec in 1750. Today, The Regiment is formed from two important components: the Regular Force and the Reserve Force. Both components providing personnel for both International and Domestic Operations. The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, proudly standing on guard for Canada.

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